Pursuing excellence in writing feeling.

When you dip a tip of a glass dip pen in fountain pen ink, narrow grooves on the tip retain ink by capillarity phenomenon and surface tension. My studio’s glass dip pens have an accurate shaft center, so ink comes out equally from every groove.

Also, the tip can retain so much ink that one dip into the ink allows you to write a postcard without a second dip. The tip is being sandpapered carefully and it realizes the excellent writing feeling.

Designs for maximizing the potential of glass.

The fantastic design is what characterizes my studio’s glass dip pens. The pens with fine decorations and subtle colors are made with my original technologies, and it takes one day to make one pen.

You might wonder why I don’t make glass dip pens with a simple design so that we could make more a day. However, I think otherwise. I use borosilicate glass as material and it is a relatively new kind of glass over a long period of history of glass and has still plenty of potential. It may be one of the characteristics of Japanese people to think inorganic substances have souls, but I believe it is my responsibility to respect the borosilicate glass and maximize its attraction.

For all the wizards and witches who are charmed by handwriting.

In our time, the infrastructure is developed and we can send an e-mail or a picture wherever we are. However, it is very common that we send a handwritten message because sending an e-mail is a little bit cold, or that we can convey our feelings with a hand-drawn picture better than with a high-quality image.

I believe that handwriting is a kind of magic. There is surely an effect like magic that can soothe tired souls.
It is true that the amount which an I can make by myself is low, but I would be pleased if our glass dip pens I made pass to good wizards and witches and help them do their magic.